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Mediterra Brand Design specializes in architectural art environmental design upscale interior and exterior, unique raw materials that were developed in France, which allow sculpting of natural texture.

Mediterra has built an international reputation thanks to a prestigious art level and quality of execution and excellent finished.

Mediterra Brand Design made one of its highlights Reliability:


High level of professionalism

Listening to customer requirements

Personal escort to finish the project planning.

Mediterra Brand Design was founded in France in 1992 by a group of scientists and renowned artists, schools and academies graduates first class in France. Since its inception, the company projects are known in many areas throughout the world.

By its way, leading her vision of providing creative solutions and prestigious landscape architects and environmental designers, interior designers, various developers and others.


Mediterra Brand Design company work with the unique patented multi-material polystone®, with features that create the visible similarity; stone, wood, brick, metal and more and realize that reality.

The polystone®, and exclusive original material, solid, stable and easy thanks to its unique properties which, as described above, giving free expression to designers and architects to create imaginative works complex. This patent allows unlimited creative freedom of the weight, size, shape, texture and feel.

Thanks patina attached special process the polystone®, adapts the colors and texture of natural materials in the environment, integrates and creates a sense of real environment are seeing the material and by palpation.

Mediterra Brand Design produced various international projects and large-scale, inter alia Also building designer aquariums public scales, which were placed at various museums around the world, Universal Exhibition 1992, banks and even in Saudi Arabia Prince.

Our team consists of professionals trained in the arts and the planning, design and performance that have created and realize the whole project from A to Z.

The company currently implement your ideas into reality magical.


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